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Meet the team

Our philosophy

Sad but true, we love the Internet!

And whilst we hope you wouldn't class us as geeks, we are avid about web site design and development.

We have over 50 years combined experience in the software industry. Designing, developing and implementing numerous projects across a whole range of platforms and computer languages.

Then way back back in '97, we invented the Internet! or was that George Bush?

Well OK, we didn't invent the Internet and neither did George Bush... But, in 1997, we did discover it for ourselves and have been designing and implementing web sites and web site services ever since.

Now it's our aim to develop Search Engine freindly, User freindly, Accessible web sites with attractive, no nonsense designs which work beautifully across all the major browsers and devices.

Search engine friendly hand crafted web sites that are cross browser and web standards compliant



Half man half biscuit

And I'm not talking about the 80's pop group either; I'm for real!

Whatever job you're doing you need something to keep you going. With me it's Tea and Biscuits.

The more difficult the job the more “English Breakfast” I need to drink to keep my brain cogs turning. The more I oil my cogs the more biscuits I crunch. Until I become ... Half Man, Half Biscuit!

Apart from being a fully paid up Web Guru and Web page Wrangler, since 2004, I also lecturer in Web Design and Development, passing on my hard won knowledge to the next generation of Wranglers.

In my spare time I train in and am a reasonably skilled proponent of the little known martial art "Goya Ra Ru". Which means " the path to the body throught the mind!" ('Digg' the pithy slogan.) I also train in and am a particularly unskilled proponent of the well known martial art "Ai Kido".

And if that wasn't enough, at the tender age of 50 I finally found the woman of my dreams, married her before she could get away and, to cries of astonishment, became a Dad!!! hand drawn smiley faceDad to the lovely and always entertaining Freya and the dynamic super kid, "Olly"!

Tea cup and half eaten biscuits



Flair ware!

Since way back when, straight out of school, way before the arrival of the Internet, before the advent of the CD-ROM, when data was still stored on cassette tapes, even before Billy Gates sat down in his moms garage and put together the very first version of Windows, I’ve played around with computers. I was a computer geek before computers were chic!

I’ve programmed in tons of computers and operating systems which you´ve probably never even heard of; cutting my teeth on the Sinclair ZX80, the Sinclair C5; No, hang on! That’s one of them funny little cars isn’t it?, the BBC Micro and the Commodore VIC 20. I’ve built systems in Cobol; surely you remember that one, Its been around since 1959 and still is apparently! Dibol; have you even heard of it? Basic of course, ADA, Fortan, C, C#, PHP, Vb and And no doubt others I can’t even recall. However, I have to admit that website design is on another level. Unlike traditional development it’s a fusion of left and right brain; the logical and the creative. I love it! It really allows you to express yourself, show off your style and bring out your artistic flair, I call it ‘Flairware’!

On those rare occasions when I’m not working on a web site or app you’ll find me walking the Derbyshire hills, chasing ghosts; Geneology, or enjoying my own home cooking with a well chosen bottle of plonk! Life’s good!

Dave Darrington Web Wrangler